Fixee, eh?

  • Extraordinary.

    Fixee isn't an ordinary Pastebin.

    Fixee takes code pasting to a new level, providing quick, simple and relational pasting. Keeping your problems and solutions safely in one place.

  • Versatile.

    Fixee is whatever you want it to be.

    Fixee provides a simple solution to just about every problem you may have.
    Paste privacy? Sure.
    An extensive choice of programming languages? No problem.

  • Simple.

    Fixee's user interface is designed around you.

    Fixee keeps it real simple.
    We believe you only need to see what you want and what you need to get your code fixed quickly and efficiently.

The Fixee Team

  • Partnership.

    The Fixee development team consists of two people. Both can be reached via the contact form.

    Fixee was designed by Prash Somaiya. The user interface and backend was developed by Ainsley Escorce-Jones.

  • Prash Somaiya.

    Prash Somaiya is a British student based in the northwest of the UK.

    His skills include skills XHTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP and of course, design.

  • Ainsley Escorce-Jones.

    Ainsley Escorce-Jones is also a British student.

    He works with the web development firm BoredomCode, and his skills include PHP, Database Management, UI Development and XHTML/CSS

What is Fixee?

Fixee is a next generation Pastebin.

Fixee's clean, swift interface is oriented around getting your code fixed. Fast.